Kitchen Robotics: the future (cook) is here

Kitchen Robotics: the future (cook) is here

Easy, safe and fast cooking, that’s what we aim for

Restaurants are businesses: they are supposed to make money and providing good products and services while approaching emotional concepts such as taste and dish elaboration to increase the value of their offer. Besides, they may often come up with concepts such as professional and atmosphere recognition, which are human based.

All other agents involved in the Restaurant Industry are the result of an empirical or mathematical calculation, despite of requiring human input too.

How robotics can help humans and optimize their tasks?

People care more and more about what goes into their stomachs. But they also bother about the feelings they experience by smelling, chewing and swallowing.

Robots don’t have a clue about taste. Taste is the result of an empiric process run by the cook. Years and years of experience provide «that special taste that makes the difference». The cook just has to transfer the optimal values of his recipes (and his experience) to the machine (exact amount of ingredients in the specific order, cooking time, etc…)

Moreover, robots don’t take too much place and space in the kitchen and they speed up multiple processes. It takes to a human up to 100 seconds to put 3 slices of tomatoes in 10 bowls. Robots can achieve it in 20 seconds hundred times a day. No resting time.

CLX4: the robot that doesn’t rest.

As we already explained, CLX4 fulfills processes regardless of time, 24 hours a day, transferring to guests all the cook’s emotional values in a highly reduced waiting time.

Rodrigo Orellana | CRO

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