Converting taste into mathematics without using AI

Converting taste into mathematics without using AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most used words when dealing with robotization. The question is: does it fit in the restaurant industry?
Maybe, but not exactly in our field of action as our robot is not supposed to replace the cook. We don’t use artificial intelligence. We use cook’s experience.

A good cook is the one who can create complex mixtures of ingredients in order to satisfy our hunger, but also to create a special feeling that wakes up, at the moment the food gets in touch with our tongue: Taste
But a gook cook is also a professional who keeps trying until he gets the perfect mixture. A mixture of milliliters, grams, time and cooking priorities (first this ingredient and then that one)

Even the assembly is empiric and based on the experience
Let us face it: if we deal with universal values such order, time, calories, degrees, grams and centiliters, all of them can be programmed to replace the human. To replace the cook.

CLX4 is based on that. As simple as it looks. It serves the chef.

However, it will never replace the cook’s experience. Our robot is fed (!) with food and experience. Both come from the cook: the one who calibrates every detail on a recipe.

We can go further: our robot is the “mechanical versión of your cook”, as it will never offer a taste that doesn’t exactly match with you cook’s input. The cook is the painter and CLX4, his brush.

Rodrigo Orellana | CRO

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