Robotic Restaurant speaks Spanish

Robotic Restaurant speaks Spanish

Robotic restaurant revolution means Román Salazar (engineer), Jorge Montejo (gastronomy expert), Guillermo Ortiz (finance) and Sergio López (software developer).

Their expertise in the restaurant industry together with their entrepreneurship spirit has enabled them to bring new innovative ideas to meet today’s needs, aimed to resolve nowadays troubles, no doubt.

As a result of this partnership, WeTechFood was born. ClX4 the ultimate restaurant kitchen robot is the innovative outcome of this ambitious company.


Bringing Technology into restaurant kitchens

CLX4 is not just a robot: it’s an advanced way of reconsidering restaurant business. Despite its recent launch, Wetechfood has gained a lot of attention form stakeholders who see this as the first step towards a revolution.

The key word they use to explain their vision is “efficiency”. The question is… How far are we from achieving this complete efficiency in restaurants by using robots? The answer brings us up to the definition of security. But the truth is that security doesn’t really exist,  we only have different grades of insecurity. The same happens to efficiency. The perfect efficiency doesn’t and won’t ever really exist.

Thanks to CLX4, We Tech Food Robotics gets closer to this idea of efficiency that restaurant industry needs to succeed, and not just survive.

Rodrigo Orellana | CRO

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