UX in Food Industry

UX in Food Industry

For those who work in web design and in tech, the term UX (user experience) is very common. They use it on a daily basis. The main requirement to reach a perfect user experience is to satisfy customer needs and make it easy browse the web, mainly focusing on simplicity and joy when using a product or service.

However, we believe it goes much further: the real user experience is not just giving customers what they say they want, or providing checking a list of features. We definitely think that the traditional way of measuring human feeling (at the end of the day it comes down to this) is not ideal. It is essential to use modern and updated tools and methodologies.

To achieve a high-quality UX there must be a perfect mix of services from multiple disciplines, including engineering, marketing, and usability.

Can we apply it to the food industry?

Let us forget the “usability” concept; we are dealing with gastronomy. Let’s go back to the real meaning of the word “experience”. The user, in this case the client wants to experience something new and we should always keep this in mind. We should be able to measure this experience, enhance the positive aspects and reduce the negative ones.

Which values are common in humans?

When someone is about to enjoy something it is very important that the access is neat and clean. In the restaurant industry, we have to cut down on inconveniences like delivery time, noise and crowds.

Crowd optimization in UX

It has become very important as we need the right balance between space, costs, tables and the distance between them; (noise coming from the kitchen, swing doors, spoken orders, dishes and frying, pans…). We Tech Food owns CLX4, the quietest restaurant food processor on the market that solves most of these problems. It is something to think about… its up to you!

Sergio López | CTO

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