Restaurant Kitchen Robots | Understanding the real concept of value

Restaurant Kitchen Robots | Understanding the real concept of value

The value of something lies in its usefulness. If you place a particular value on something, that is the importance or usefulness you think it has.

Along with this definition, we cannot ignore the one provided by accounting. We all know how value affects our transactions. VAT (value added tax) is one of the most significant examples of how important value is.

Based on this, where is the value of a restaurant kitchen robot?

Is it in the automation process that performs? Is it based on the reduction of costs and resource optimization? Let’s try not to make a long story so short.

A kitchen robot is much more than expected: It is much more than you think you can do as a faithful servant, giving out what the cook orders you to. One of the most important aspects that a Restaurant Kitchen Robot must have (and that CLX4 from We Tech Food Robotics has) is the possibility of collecting very useful information.

The Germans used to say “Information ist Macht” (information is power), and were are right. The value of a restaurant kitchen robot, which is capable of collecting consumer preferences (almost in real time), is greater than you think. It is all about some aspects of BI (Business Intelligence) with an specific application for restaurant duties. A Robot made for commercial kitchens is a machine created to do something human, but faster, following steps and actions defined by engineers through mathematical functions. The main characteristic of these functions is to improve by measuring.

As we always say, you cannot improve what you cannot measure. But measuring something without having internal and external information is useless. CLX4 does, this is where its value is added. And that is why CLX4 will be one of the market favorites in the future. For its value. Because it is everything but useless.

Sergio López | CTO

We Tech Food Robotics. SL

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