From the restaurant kitchen robot to kitchen as a service (SAAS)

From the restaurant kitchen robot to kitchen as a service (SAAS)


We know what SAAS is: a way to use software as a service. It has been in our day to day for more than a decade. It remains the ideal option to avoid technical problems such as server management, software development and other related costs.

Let’s think of an idea based on the same concept. Why not have the same for a restaurant kitchen?

Having a robot that does almost everything a man can do is a first step in controlling costs for restaurant kitchens (we are almost ready to offer it). However, we may have to jump to another way to use it. We are talking about the alternative to use it “online” without owning it. Why not start paying for its features rather than paying for it?


What does it mean for the catering industry?

In addition to all the advantages that restaurants can enjoy through traditional robots (which is far from being SO traditional anyway), we will experience two big improvements:

  1. Equipment costs: less equipment means less maintenance and less devaluation. Sometimes it is difficult to evaluate the overheads that we put into maintaining equipment, but at the end of the day they are important.
  2. Processes and management of raw materials: imagine that you do not have to ask for raw materials to cook. What you ask is the dish that you “design” before and offer it to the customer along with the added value of your brand or restaurant.


Yes. Exactly. We are talking about outsourcing and “outplacing” the cooking process to “somewhere not far from your home”, where a robot does all the necessary cooking process. This phrase is more complex than the process itself, but it is worth having in mind for the future of the catering and restaurant industry.

As we have been mentioning in previous articles, the future is now. We are now seeing very interesting solutions in the market, making it us push harder than ever to deliver quality.


Román Salazar | CEO

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