Kitchen As A Service. Introducing the ultimate way to understand gastronomy

Kitchen As A Service. Introducing the ultimate way to understand gastronomy

February 2011. Software problem in my department. Once again.

The company I used to work for experienced more than 10 software issues in 2 years, with all the drawbacks of calling a technician, giving him a place to do his work, and stopping what people were supposed to do in order to solve each problem. A nightmare.

At least, it was a nightmare until we decided to outsource the problem to a hosting provider specialised in that kind of software. Our inhouse software wasn’t eligible anymore, we couldn’t stand its operational troubles and we just really needed it in order to have access to information.  

SAAS (software as a service) gave us the opportunity to get rid of technicians and have all those software issues away from our business. Not just away from us but non-existent. It is key to make sure your software is capable of controlling all issues when you provide a public service.


Kitchen as a service

February 2021. Ten years have passed away. While writing these lines we become really aware of business needs concerning software capabilities, not just by talking about if they should or may exist. Now we want to be part of the solution. We want to provide the possibility to outsource all issues restaurant kitchens may have.

Ordering raw materials, managing internal costs, cooking, preparing your dishes and delivering them to a restaurant or directly to guests (whether or not they are in a public space). Let’s say… How good it could be if your only matter is to set up your restaurant dishes or including a list of ingredients?


What is the difference to a catering service?

The main difference is the level of customization. You are the one who sets up the menu, all ingredients and procedures. We could even go further by saying that you keep being the cook as you introduce all the features and cooking settings into a kitchen robot. Furthermore, you can forget about all related legal aspects when owning and running a kitchen.


When would it be possible?

Very soon. As you can see, our restaurant kitchen robot is the first step. Kitchen as a service is the natural development of an allround restaurant solution, which aims to solve all issues professionals are experiencing right now, and all those they may experience in a recent future.


Román Salazar | CEO

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