Robotics in Food Industry 2021

Robotics in Food Industry 2021

What can we expect for 2021?

It sure has been a difficult year.

In some European countries like Germany, some experts have predicted a massive reduction in the number of restaurants that could survive the pandemic.

In Spain, the change has already arrived (good luck!). The restaurant industry is in Germany is still far from achieving what the Spanish one has achieved specially in terms of creativity within the food industry. They of course have their traditional Bratwurst or Bavarian and Westphalian cuisine, but nothing too local or creative.  How are you going to change the German lifestyle, when most of them don’t even accept credit cards (its hard to believe but true). On the other hand, having a payment rejected with a credit card in Spain is unthinkable …

The year of food robotics, CLX4 (the best restaurant kitchen robot from We Tech Food Robotics) hits the market amongst four other robots … Competition is always good . We need assistance to help educate people. The more players the better. Each player helps generate needs.

In the midst of this situation, we are confident that our contribution to the catering industry is a blessing. Because we offer the opportunity to recover as quickly as possible all the losses of 2020. An average profitable restaurant, with the same clientele as 2019, will take 3 years to recover the losses incurred in 2020. With a Restaurant Kitchen Robot it could take less than a year.

God bless technology!

Román Salazar | CEO

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