Our vision


Imagine that you can drastically reduce production and delivery time.

Reduce costs

Imagine that your restaurant requires at least one less employee.


Imagine that all cooking processes are easily automated.


Thanks to the CLX4 kitchen robot it is possible to experience a clear an improvement on the following areas:

Number Of Guests Served, Per-Employee, Per-Hour

Our purpose is to complete the human workforce with a robot that increases both technical and human efficiency.

Tracking the number of guests served per hour generally provides insight into the efficiency of individual staff.  But it does not give any relevance to the food delivery performance. 

Our CLX4 makes it easy: it reduces waiting time at kitchen desk.

Labor Cost

Labor cost is a considerable expense for most restaurants: it includes wages as well as taxes, discounts and any employee benefits. The typical labor cost is up to 35 percent of a restaurant’s total revenue.

Furthermore, dealing with employees usually involves dealing with human variables that do not exist when talking about machines.

Our CLX4 exceeds a high percentage of these costs and eliminates other related human costs.

Improving by measuring

We cannot improve what we cannot measure. Our CLX4 robot provides a quick overview of all kitchen processes and helps professionals when analyzing what to improve and when to do it.

Because the restaurant industry must succeed and not just survive.