Our tech

Imagined by Restaurant and Catering Professionals

All professionals agree that restaurant industry needs change and improvement. As a result, we have imagined a kitchen robot that fulfills these needs in term of usability (also called ‘User Friendliness’). We do need a machine to simplify processes while ‘considering’ human behaviour.

Designed by economists

Our robot gives a response to the most relevant questions restaurant managers may ask:

  • How can I serve more clients a day?
  • How can I reduce ingredients waste?
  • How can I optimize kitchen processes?
  • How can I reduce task costs without loosing efficiency?

Built by engineers

Our engineers have gathered information from other disciplines and have turned it into a usable machine capable of solving issues concerning business management and optimization. The result is a kitchen robot named CLX4.

Introducing CLX4

Autonomy and self-performing

CLX4 can work up to 5 hours without human intervention. Auto cleaning and disinfection thanks to ozonic high-pressure water. Ideal for restaurants and dark kitchens with large volumes.

Thousands of recipes

Thanks to its 16 ingredients and 6 sauces, CLX4 is one of the most versatile restaurant kitchen robot of the market. It offers more than a 1000 possible combinations to satisfy all kinds of tastes and diets.

Software with vitamins

It can create recipes on demand and cook them within minutes and includes a real-time panel to control all cooking processes. Powered with Cloud Computing and Delivery optimization processes to always have the perfect solution for the clients.

Sustainable dimensions

Weight: 230 Kg
Height: 2.3 m
Width: 1.5 m