The future of the
Restaurant Industry is now!

Restaurant and Catering Industries are experiencing significant challenges.
We believe that increasing productivity will change how commercial kitchens are currently operating.

Get to know CLX4

The new Restaurant Kitchen Robot that improves your cooking and delivery processes TODAY.

“The wrong equipment, a lack of supplies, inefficient systems… all of these can dramatically slow the processes down an increasing churn rate and decreasing revenue.”

Our vision


Simplify all tasks in the cooking process

Reduce costs

Decrease significantly the number of employees currently needed


Manage all KPIs and keep improving


Save up to 40% on dish preparation and focus on quality and profitability

Our tech

CLX4 improves KPIs monitoring and makes it possible to experience a remarkable improvement in the following areas:

Number of Guests Served

Our robot reduces waiting time in kitchen

Tracking the number of guests served per hour offers insights of how efficient staff is, not on the food delivery performance.

Labor Cost

It eliminates human related costs

Labor costs account for 35% of total restaurant costs, including wages, taxes, and any employee benefits.

Introducing CLX4

Autonomy and self-performing
CLX4 can work up to 5 hours without human intervention. Auto cleaning and disinfection thanks to ozonic high-pressure water. Ideal for restaurants and dark kitchens with large volumes.


Thousands of recipes
Thanks to its 16 ingredients and 6 sauces, CLX4 is one of the most versatile restaurant kitchen robot of the market. It offers more than a 1000 possible combinations to satisfy all kinds of tastes and diets.


Software with vitamins
It can create recipes on demand and cook them within minutes and includes a real-time panel to control all cooking processes. Powered with Cloud Computing and Delivery optimization processes to always have the perfect solution for the clients.


Sustainable dimensions
Weight: 230 Kg
Height: 2.3 m
Width: 1.5 m

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